Turkey earthquake: Cat rescued from rubble refuses to leave its saviour

Love blossoms in all forms of life and in every unimagined situation. The recent massive earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria became the ground from where various heartbreaking stories of loss and dying hope emerged. However, amid these stories were stories of hope, saviour and humanity. With the changing tide of time, one such story of humanity has now taken the shape of love.

A cat, who was recently rescued by a member of the Mardin Fire Department, from the rubble of the devastation is now not willing to leave his side. Ukraine’s adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko took to social media to share the love-filled news. 

He posted a video of the cat along with its rescuer on February 16. In the video, the cat who has been named ‘Rubble’, is seen sitting on the shoulder of the rescuer and cuddling up against the man’s face.

Another update was shared by the minister wherein he stated that the rescuer has adopted the cat finally. “I posted yesterday about a cat saved from the rubble in Turkey who refused to leave his rescuer’s side. The rescuer’s name is Ali Cakas and he adopted the cat, naming him Enkaz – “rubble” in Turkish. May they have a happy life together!” said Gerashchenko in the caption.


After the post was shared, it received over five million views and around 1.7 lakh likes. “This is such a beautiful story. God bless both of them!” a user said.

“Find any cat who wouldn’t be happy with that,” another person commented. “I saw the video of the cat clinging to him at the rescue site and he was smiling and kissing the cat. This is adorable!!” said a third user.

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“Probably the best story you’ll see today,” another person stated. “A true soldier!!!Such a gorgeous thing to see. God bless the rescuers and the kitty,” another user said.

(With inputs from agencies)

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