’80 per cent of Ghanaian youth are a bit lazy’ – Karen Kash Kane (WATCH)

Answering the question she posed, Karen who runs a female clothing line in Accra says she believes the Ghanaian youth are a bit lazy, hence, the reason why unemployment is high in Ghana.

Sometimes I feel like it’s the educational system, the upbringing, you know, like the mixture of everything. But technically I’ll say that, and this is my honest truth, I feel like 80 per cent of the youth right now are a bit lazy,” she said.

Karen adds that ” I work 6 days, I run my own business and this is our 12th year of doing this, and this is supposed to be my own business, however, I am more concerned at the of the month about the salaries I have to pay but why am I working more than everybody else when everybody else has a day off”

This is my own business and people who are supposed to be doing the work for us to have the money to pay them are either complaining about, you know there’s always an excuse,” she said in the video below which has sparked a backlash online.



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