Dee Wills goes humble, apologises to everyone for his immaturity in the past [WATCH]

He added that nobody is to blame for his actions but himself further stating that he is working on himself to be better enough to shock the world one day.

In a video spotted online the young rapper said; “Over the years, I have been going through a lot and I know that you guys have seen me all over the media for different reasons, always in the news. I will just like to say that I am not blaming anybody for what I have done. I am not going to say I was influenced; I am not going to say it is a demonic spirit, I am not going to say it bipolar basically it was my immaturity. So, I will like to apologise to all the people I have put through pain and worry just because of my immature decisions. I am going to do better; I am going to be better and I am going to shock the world someday”.

Earlier, the young rapper who goes by the career name Dee Wills, among other allegations made against his family, said his father was not in support of his rap career and has therefore cut him off.

He said the videos were his way of staying true to himself and connecting with his fans. He also accused his father of causing his arrested and jailing.

Daniel also took to his twitter handle to share some nude videos of himself and some other ladies.

He also in another video that went on viral on social media, revealed that his father had him arrested and detained at the border after he decided to visit his girlfriend in Lagos.

He revealed that he was taking this trip without informing any of his family members because they wouldn’t have let him go.

D-Wills further stated that his father was not treating him right like a son and pleaded for justice and freedom as he cannot go anywhere.



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