We will eat Sonnie Badu if he turns to pig; Chief Biney defends pork eaters

A few days ago, Sonnie Badu’ while addressing his congregants said, “when the devil wants to get through to you, they must first test your spiritual appetite. The number one way through which witches invade bodies is food.

He continued that “also, the bible declares that some animals are unclean. What do you think an unclean animal is? In order words, when that unclean animal is found in you spiritually, it gives the witch quick access to jump in. Anything that has pork, pork is unclean!

“Even when you go to the Chinese restaurant and they ask for your order and you say pork, they keep asking you just to be sure, because they are aware of the kind of animal you are requesting to have,” the man of God emphasised.

Sonnie Badu’s claim became a topic on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrooko’ morning show, where the host, Kwame Sefa Kayi, who also disagreed with the preach, read out some interesting messages from his listeners.

Mr Sefa Kayi also read a message from Chief Biney which said “if Sonnie Badu himself turn into kwii (pig), we will eat him“.

However, Rev Sonnie Badu insists pork is demonic and has asked critics to seek the right answers from the witches and wizards.

Once the demons discover that you have eaten something unclean, your spirit automatically gets subdued. Once you go to bed, they come, because you gave them access,” he claimed.

During the interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM, Rev Sonnie Badu, he said. “You can ask all witches and wizards”. According to the man of God, the scripture explanation that pork is clean only works for people who are pure.

And all of us are not pure therefore the witches get the chance of trapping us, and what gives them the opportunity to destroy us is food and what food is it? It is pork. You can ask all witchcraft” he emphasised.

However, Dr Sonnie Badu adds that people who dispute his teachings can go ahead and eat pork if they want to. “Please you can eat everything you wish to”, he said.



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