Donald Trump Jr.’s Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse Goes South In A Hurry

Donald Trump Jr. and Kyle Rittenhouse kicked off with a baseless claim on the Trump scion’s “Triggered” podcast on Thursday.

Rittenhouse in 2021 was found not guilty of homicide after killing two unarmed racial justice protesters in Wisconsin in 2020. He argued self-defense.

Talking with Trump Jr., Rittenhouse said the case had been “scary” because, without offering any evidence, he’d been “up against these George Soros-funded prosecutors.”

“Was that what was going on?” asked the eldest son of former President Donald Trump. “Were these guys getting some sort of backhanded donations?”

“I guarantee it,” Rittenhouse confidently responded.

Then he immediately backtracked, saying: “I don’t know for sure, I don’t know for 100 percent fact. But I guarantee. I’m sure of it.”

Watch the clip here:

Trump Jr. has long been a fan of Rittenhouse, who since his acquittal has met with ex-President Trump and the GOP House caucus.

The Trump Organization businessman-turned-podcast host also encouraged followers to sign a card of support to send to Rittenhouse, alongside an AR-15 rifle, and shared online am edited image of his father awarding a medal to him.




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