KIA Christmas tree saga: CHRAJ report is a victory for democracy – Adom-Otchere

The Board Chairman of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), Paul Adom-Otchere has applauded the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) for clearing him of any wrongdoing in the procurement processes in the acquisition of Christmas decorations for the company in 2021.

Paul Adom-Otchere described the verdict as a victory for Ghana’s democracy and a payoff for the years of contributions of stakeholders toward nurturing the country’s democracy.

“I commend the work that CHRAJ has done. They sat on this matter and I appeared before the Commission three times and staff of the GACL appeared before the Commission three or more times. The Commission appeared to have done a thorough job and it excites me that these things are fundamental pillars of our democracy. It makes me feel that our democracy is working better than what you will find in other democracies in Africa.

“The fact that CHRAJ called all of us and went through the process without prejudice encourages me that all the work that we have been doing over the last several years in helping the democracy to stand has not gone in vain.”

Mr. Adom-Otchere was investigated by CHRAJ following a petition filed by Sacut Amenga-Etego, who accused the Board Chair of violating various provisions of the Public Procurement Law and other rules while procuring the decorations.

Making the comments in an interview on the Point Blank segment on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, Mr. Adom-Otchere, however, denied portions of the report that indicated a subpoena was used to get some documents about the procurement from the board chairman.

“I don’t know about that because I appeared before them three times and gave them the documents. That did not happen as they put it because I was unaware that CHRAJ had invited me. They sent letters to institutions and so apparently, they couldn’t hear from me, an investigator called me and said they were looking for me and I said I was unaware that they were looking for me.

“So I went on a Monday and they said they were looking for some documents and I told them I would provide the documents and I gave them the documents and I am not so sure why they put it in there, but I guess that they were recounting all that had happened.”



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