Touhys claim they paid Michael Oher $138,000 from The Blind Side

The litigation between former NFL tackle Michael Oher and the family that adopted him (without actually adopting him) proceeds.

Via Michael A. Fletcher of, a sworn document prepared and submitted at the mandate of the presiding judge shows that the Tuohys paid Oher more than $138,000 from the profits made from The Blind Side, both the book and the film.

The payments were made in 10 separate installments from June 2007 through April 2023.

The statement also contends that the Tuohys “spent tens of thousands of dollars of their own money to support Mr. Oher during his high school and college years.”

The evidence of the payments made is part of a broader puzzle, based on what he was entitled to receive, what the Tuohys received from the book and the film, and the amount he actually received.

The presiding judge already has ended a longstanding conservatorship arrangement, expressing surprise that it was ever approved in the first place.

Oher, a first-round draft pick of the Ravens in 2009, played for Baltimore, Tennessee, and Carolina.



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