Amazon shoppers swear by these top-rated glass storage containers to meal prep and store leftovers: ‘I’ve never had the lids leak’

When it comes to smart eating, preparation is key. If you wait until you’re super hungry, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to eat whatever is quick and fast, even if it’s not the healthiest option.

That’s where meal prepping comes in. This simple practice involves thinking about and planning what you want to eat before you’re hungry. Once you have a few options, you prep those meals in advance and store them in the refrigerator or freezer, so they’re ready to go when hunger strikes.

Storage containers are obviously a critical component of proper meal prepping, so if you don’t have a reliable set, it’s definitely time to invest. Amazon shoppers rave about this 24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set by FineDine. All 24 pieces are less than $40, and the set has more than 42,000 ratings on Amazon.


These good-looking glass food storage containers are perfect for leftovers, meal prepping and more.

$20 at Amazon

Many shoppers have found these glass storage containers on Amazon to be more durable than traditional plastic varieties. Customers also rave about the lids that lock securely and the different size options in this set.

“We love these,” wrote one satisfied shopper. “They are good quality glass containers with plastic tops that seal perfectly … Great variety of sizes and shapes. I’m super happy with this purchase.”

Another customer commented, “They are heavy, thick glass, which makes them feel beefy and not prone to breaking easily. I’ve put different varying densities of liquids in them, from very light broth soups to heavy stews. I have flipped them around to check the seals, and I’ve never had the lids leak.”

Given the different sizes of storage containers in this set, it’s a great option for meal prepping. You can use the bigger containers to store fully assembled salads or a full portion of soup or stew, while the smaller ones would work well for dressings or toppings.

Even if you aren’t big on meal prepping, these glass storage containers on Amazon also work really well for leftovers. The tight-sealing lid means your food will stay fresh and travel well if you’re bringing lunch to work.


These good-looking glass food storage containers are perfect for leftovers, meal prepping and more.

$20 at Amazon

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