AAC’s Agri-Innovation: Turning rice fields gold for Ghana’s smallholder heroes

Highlighting the government’s focus, he said government aims to boost the agricultural sector’s growth from 6.3% last year to end imports, saving approximately “US$2 billion worth of food in poultry, rice, etc.”

In a bold move, the Ministry of Finance allocates GHc1 billion in the 2024 budget, with an additional GHc2 billion expected from the Development Bank of Ghana to bolster the agricultural sector.

Through the Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP), the government injects GHc10 billion into commercial banks to ensure robust financial support for agriculture.

Asian African Consortium (AAC) Revolutionizes Ghana’s Rice Sub-Sector

Commending the Asian African Consortium (AAC) at Agrifest, Mr. Ofori Atta praises the company’s efforts in transforming Ghana’s rice sub-sector. AAC provides crucial technical and machinery support to smallholder farmers, addressing financial constraints.

Adelaide Siaw Agyepong, CEO of AAC, underscores the significance of their machinery in pre-farming activities, emphasizing its role in land development, crop enhancement, and irrigation.

The equipment, part of a collaboration with the Yama group of companies, aims to make Ghana’s agricultural sector competitive and sustainable.

National Farmers’ Day Celebration Unveils Agrifest Ghana 2023

As part of the 39th National Farmers’ Day celebration, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture launches Agrifest Ghana 2023, a five-day agricultural fair showcasing diverse food items and crops from different regions.

The event, initiated under the second phase of the Planting for Food and Jobs program, aims to raise awareness about various food items, their sources, and appreciates the dedicated farmers contributing to the nation’s agricultural success.



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