ECG cuts power supply to Accra Academy over debt, teachers and students cry for help

Authorities at the school attributed the power cut to outstanding debts owed to the ECG for electricity consumption. The entire campus was enveloped in darkness on Monday night, with no immediate resolution in sight.

In an exclusive interview with Citi News, a teacher from the school, speaking anonymously, lamented the dire situation, labelling it as the saddest day in his 31-year-long teaching career. He expressed profound disappointment at the abrupt disconnection of power, emphasizing that even teachers residing on campus with prepaid meters had their electricity supply severed.

“Today is the saddest in my life as a teacher who has worked for over 31 years. I’ve never seen this anywhere,” the teacher voiced, reflecting the frustration and despair prevalent among the school’s staff.

Describing the situation as painful and unprecedented, the anonymous teacher underscored the school’s innocence in the matter of settling electricity bills. He called upon the government to intervene urgently and ensure a resolution with the ECG to facilitate the restoration of the power supply to the school.

The disconnection of power to Accra Academy Senior High School is part of a broader trend of aggressive debt collection efforts by the Electricity Company of Ghana. Since last year, the ECG has been rigorously pursuing outstanding payments, leading to the disconnection of several private and public organizations from the national grid.



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