Sister Derby and Edem’s online beef escalates as she accuses him of infidelity

While fans bashed the girl’s actions, forcing her to apologise, Sister Derby shared a post online saying, “…Boys will cheat publicly and not ever dare apologise publicly. The girl do yawa by apologising, in my opinion.”

Rapper, Edem countered Sister Derby’s reasoning, which sought to embolden the lady whom many believe disrespected her boyfriend with her flirtatious dance with Omah Lay.

He said, “If you no take relationship World Cup,you can’t take marriage World Cup..One be dress rehearsal one be show… Unless you no be serious.”

In a rebuttal, Sister Derby diverted the conversation away from the relationship to Edem’s credibility, accusing him of engaging with the Global Citizen festival while he had another show, which led to him getting bounced on the D-Day during dress rehearsal.

She claimed Edem wanted to spend quality time with her friend after the Global Citizen Festival.

But Edem, in a riposte, showed ‘evidence’ to counter Sister Derby’s claims.

However, it seem the African Mermaid was speaking in parables and has since taken to explain herself well after Edem asked her come clear

She wrote: “Okay since you insist, as a married man, why did you pick up my woman friend very late at night after your family was sound asleep to take her to Global Citizen and get irate when she ‘Omah-layed’ you for an A-list artiste? Is that why my Omah Lay tweet triggered you? Then sorry.”

In reaction, Edem tagged his wife and asked Sister Derby to mention the name of the lady so he could address it with facts and not insinuations.

He wrote on X: “Kindly add the name of your woman friend… So I can properly dissect the lie and provide you with facts and evidence… No coating I would add handles and tags of Alibis if need be #Truth, not #insinuations.”

The engagement has sparked conversations on social media with fans awaiting Sister Derby’s next response.



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