Netanyahu asks GOP for help to ‘finish the job,’ Neuralink video shows first patient using implant and ‘The Sims’ movie

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Why Netanyahu met with GOP lawmakers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Republican lawmakers to discuss support for Israel, highlighting a growing partisan divide over the Israel-Hamas war.

Inside the meeting: Netanyahu criticized Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s recent speech calling for a new election in Israel and asked for financial help to “finish the job.” [New York Times]

Schumer’s rejection: Schumer denied a request for a similar meeting between Netanyahu and Democrats, saying, “When you make these issues partisan, you hurt the cause of Israel.” [NBC News]

What’s next: House Speaker Mike Johnson is considering inviting Netanyahu to address Congress. However, Schumer would have to agree to a joint invitation. [CNN]

John Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

John Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images


🎬 Robbie’s ‘Sims’ movie

Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap, is developing a movie based on The Sims, the bestselling 2000s video game. A release date hasn’t been announced yet. [Variety]

🍓 ‘Dirty Dozen’ list

An annual analysis of produce found that 95% of nonorganic strawberries, leafy greens, grapes, peaches and pears had detectable levels of pesticides. Washing your produce can help. [CNN]

🚗 EPA’s new car rules

The EPA issued new rules to cut down auto-related emissions and said the industry could meet the limits if 56% of new vehicle sales are electric, and at least 13% are hybrids, by 2032. [AP]

🩺 Neuralink livestream

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain science startup, released a video that appears to show its first patient, a quadriplegic who received the implant, moving a computer cursor to play online chess with his mind. [Reuters]

🐶 America’s top dog breed

The American Kennel Club announced that the French bulldog is America’s favorite dog breed for the second year in a row, once again beating out the long-beloved Labrador retriever. [GMA]


📺 The sci-fi series 3 Body Problem, adapted from the bestselling novel, premieres on Netflix. [IndieWire]

🎬 Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Road House, a remake of the 1989 film, on Prime Video. [Variety]

🏀 In the men’s NCAA tournament: Don’t miss No. 8 seeded Mississippi State and No. 9 Michigan State playing at 12:15 p.m. ET on CBS. [NBC Sports]

🏀 And in the women’s NCAA tournament, it’s a double feature: Auburn vs. Arizona at 7 p.m. ET and Holy Cross vs. UT Martin at 9 p.m. ET, both on ESPN2. [Yahoo Sports]

🛍️ The Amazon Big Spring Sale is happening now. Here are 50 of the best deals. [Yahoo Life]

☀️ And don’t forget to: Read your daily horoscope. Play the Crossword. Check the forecast in your area.

Illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Tony Weaver/Getty Images, Getty Images

Illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Tony Weaver/Getty Images, Getty Images


In 1980, Season 3 of Dallas ended with the shooting of the character J.R. Ewing. “Who shot J.R.?” became one of the most famous cliff-hangers in U.S. television history. [Entertainment Weekly]

Lily Herman and Kaitlin Reilly

Lily Herman and Kaitlin Reilly


…about America’s ‘loneliness epidemic’

A new study found that middle-aged people in the U.S. are lonelier than those in Europe. I asked health writer Kaitlin Reilly what the lead author said about the findings.

Lily: Are Americans actually lonelier than Europeans?

Kaitlin: They are. Specifically middle-aged Americans. The study author told me he was surprised by the “magnitude” of the difference.

Lily: Why did the experts say Americans are lonelier?

Kaitlin: They said it might relate to Americans’ culture of individualism. People may be motivated to move away for school or work, which can make it hard to build lasting bonds.

Lily: What’s one thing I can do to build better bonds with people?

Kaitlin: Get to know your neighbors! Offering assistance or inviting them over for a meal can make you feel more connected to your community. Here are other ideas.

The health risks of loneliness: Here’s why the surgeon general calls it an epidemic.




Ohio dad Frank Aaron Brown went viral after helping his four-month-old daughter Halani get dressed for the day. “I just talk to my daughter and go off her reactions … kids pick up on that,” he said. [Today]

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