Prince David Osei defends recent ‘dumsor’ says ‘we’re dealing with machines, things can fail’

Speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z on March 30, 2024, he cited the case of a recent power outage in Toronto, Canada, and said that the power outages currently being faced by Ghanaians were due to faulty equipment on the part of the power suppliers and distributors.

“The whole of downtown Toronto, Canada, went off recently. There was a blackout. So once you are dealing with equipment, you are dealing with machines, and things can fail,” he said.

Prince David Osei also referred to a publication by the Electricity Company of Ghana that the country has a stable national power supply and that power outages were due to ‘localised faults’.

“That’s what it said. That if you are experiencing an outage in your area, call a certain number. It could be it’s a fault within your neighbourhood,” he said.

He, however, encouraged the ECG to make a habit of informing affected citizens if there were going to be any outages in the future.



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