Asantewaa responds to critics of her birthday wishlist, says she’s not a beggar

The majority of the items on her list are monetary gifts, and she included her account details for those wishing to contribute.

This move has sparked criticism from some fans who accuse her of seeking unnecessary attention and begging online.

She explained that everyone has a wishlist, even if they have the means to buy the items themselves, and asked her fans not to judge her for having one.

“Me posting a wishlist does not mean I am begging or in need, it means I am giving people the opportunity to show me love. They are lot of people dying to show me love. I can afford everything on my wishlist and that does not mean I should do everything by myself”

Additionally, Asantewaa recently confirmed the arrival of her baby with a stunning maternity photoshoot in the United States.

This confirmation was welcomed with joy by her fans and well-wishers, who are now celebrating her new chapter of motherhood.

A birthday wishlist is a list of items, experiences, or gifts that a person hopes to receive for their birthday.

It helps friends and family know what the birthday person would like, making gift-giving easier and ensuring that the gifts are appreciated. The wishlist can include a wide range of things



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