Of Course Tucker Carlson Is Defending Don Lemon Amid His Sexism Scandal

Fox News

CNN host Don Lemon’s sexist remark about GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s age last week and the fallout from it have naturally been fodder for commentators at rival channel Fox News—though Tucker Carlson broke from the pack Tuesday by mocking Lemon’s critics, even those at his own network, for ignoring that “biology is real.”

Haley “is fundamentally indistinguishable from the neo-liberal donor base of the Democratic Party,” Carlson said of the Republican former governor of South Carolina and member of the Trump administration.

He also insisted on mispronouncing Lemon’s name throughout the segment.

“Don Lemon may be Black, but that doesn’t mean he is allowed to criticize Nikki Haley. Sorry!” the Fox host exclaimed. “If it’s a choice between a Black man and liberal white lady, the Democratic Party will drop the Black guy every single time. Who makes up a bigger proportion of the electorate: the Don Lemons or the Nikki Haleys? It’s not a close call.”

Carlson went on to mock presumably Lemon’s higher-ups at CNN: “‘Shut up, Black guy! How dare you criticize girl power or pretend that biology is real. You’re fired!’”

Of the incident, which has resulted in Lemon undergoing “formal training” amid a return to the airwaves Wednesday and Haley hawking ‘Past My Prime’ koozies, Carlson said it was another instance of “the revolution eat[ing] one of its own.”

“A faithful servant of the Democratic Party is crushed by its remorseless gears,” he said, claiming that it showcases the downsides of “identity politics.”

“[It] is the precise inversion of the American idea [of] ‘Out of many, one’ that becomes ‘Out of one, many.’ The result: Balkanization, atomization, racial strife, hatred, division and craziness. In the end: Rwanda.”

Carlson has fretted before about the U.S. becoming like the African nation once gripped by genocide, invoking it during a rant about “anti-white mania” in a 2021 broadcast.

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